The simple side braid hairdo with a twist is one of the popular little girl hairstyles African American

If you have a little girl and you want her to look the best, enhancing the hairstyle can be a great initiative. There are several little girl hairstyles African American origins that you can for. The Afro American hairstyles are quite popular among the little girls as well. The best part is that you can execute some of the hairstyles all by yourself. The simple side braid hairdo is one of them.

How to DIY the hairstyle?

Follow the step by step process for the simple side hair braid.

  • Comb your hair properly so that there are no tangles.
  • Take a section of hair from the front and start doing French braids.
  • As you finish the simple braids taking the whole hair one one side, the braids falling over your shoulder might appear to be thin.
  • In order to add volume, tease the gaps of each braid with your finger and give it a voluminous appearance.
  • If you want to give a dramatic look, you can curl the strand of hair that falls over your face and accentuates your jaw line.
  • If you desire you can use designer clips or even tuck in a flower.

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