The side half braid is one of the most popular African American girl natural hair styles

Are you aware of the African American girl natural hair styles? Well, the style has acquired immense popularity among the young girls across the globe. In fact, there are several celebrities who sport the different African American hairstyles. Have you tried any one of them, or planning to sport one of the styles?

The half braid side hairstyle apt for the romantic look

If you are eager to bring the sweet yet sensuous appearance, you must try out the half side braid style that is quite a popular African American hairstyle. Follow the step by step instructions and adopt the hairstyle all by yourself right at your home without the help of any professional hair stylist.

  • If you have a naturally wavy hair, you don’t have to use a curler to bring the waves in your entire hair.
  • Take a portion of hair from the front, leaving some so that the strands fall over your forehead and face.
  • Make simple braids 4 or 5 in number and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Make it voluminous by teasing the braids with your fingers.
  • If you want, you can insert a designer clip or a natural flower and accentuate the entire styling of the hair.

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